Monday, August 22, 2016

Can't sleep.

This song is beautiful. I haven't written anything here in years and I'm sure nobody's ever going to read this but it's 3:30 am and nobody's awake so talking at everyone and no one in particular will do for now.

I have to write a silly blog for one of my classes this semester and it reminded me that I used to have an actual one, and now I'm nostalgic. And that's all for now. Maybe I'll write more later. Maybe.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


I'll give you a few pictures to explain why I've been too busy to write.

Summed up in words: The apartment's a lot of work and still a bit of a mess, Ancient Greek (which I'm just taking for fun or something) is killing me, but my room is finally starting to look like a room. And that's all I'll give you at 1:30 am when I should be working on my Greek translations and stuff.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Heeey there. I've neglected this blog. Y'know, for the last few years or so. I'll try writing again a bit though, I realized the other day that I've missed it. Even if most of my blog has been me whining about things I need to do but haven't done. Sorry about that, dear readers of the past. I'm moving into my new apartment tomorrow (in Trondheim, if that has escaped anyone who might read this), so perhaps I'll post then. This will be all for now, as I have to make a complete IKEA list for tomorrow's money-draining shopping. Yikes. But here's a beautiful song/video if you can't bear parting just yet.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


For those who actually read my last post and are dying to know this: I didn't fail my French exam. I even got a 4, which is beyond anything I expected. So now I'm done with high school (again), and I just recieved proof of my achievement in the mail. Yes, because we fancy Norwegians receive our diplomas in the mail. Anyway.

Know what most people do on a Saturday night when they're about to move to another continent? They party with their friends, or meet up with family members. Know what I do? I paint my nails.
After a long day at work I kinda needed some me-time. I'll multitask from now on though. Maybe I'll paint my nails with my friends, imagine that! Gaah, 5 days to go! Happy/sad/nervous/excited. Oh, it'll be grand. Honestly, I can't wait. But I've got a lot to do before Friday... After a good night's sleep, of course.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Les trois mousquetaires

So, we get one chance at an oral exam. Just one subject. I sorely wanted English. Religion wouldn't murder me. I could suffer through most of the other subjects. If I got French I would surely die. So of course I got French. Unless the examinor is charmed by my ability to perfectly pronounce "Je ne sais pas" and "Je voudrais une licorne rose", my chances at even passing are slim. But after a couple of hours contemplating schemes to end up in either jail or the hospital on Wednesday (the day of my exam), I.. well, kept on contemplating even more complex schemes. But by now I've decided that I wouldn't very much like to spend my last weeks in Norway in either a hospital or a jail, so I guess I'll have to study and try my best to pass. So far "studying" has meant listening to someone reading Les trois mousquetaires by Dumas while trying to read it as well, all the while not understanding shit. I think I'll need to work on more basic stuff. Like saying "Hello, my name is Heidi" and such. Oh, I simply cannot wait for Wednesday.

Oh, I got a fancyass "I feel your despair" present from Julie (thankee hon :D), with a note begging me not to live up to my nickname. It's staring creepily at me right now, so I'd better get back to mon francais. Tuer-moi, s'il te plait.

Monday, May 28, 2012

This is becoming ridiculous.

I can't sleep. Not so unusual, aye? The thing is, I haven't been able to sleep for weeks. Not at night, anyway. And I've overslept a lot, and ditched a decent amount of classes to catch up. It hasn't been too big of an issue, though it's been annoying as hell. Why am I only complaining tonight, you ask (not really, since you're all goddamn fucking asleep by now, but pretending to be asked a question makes me feel less alone in my insomnia, so there)? Tomorrow's my first exam. A very important exam, making up an entire grade on its own. I have to get up in about four hours to make it to that exam in time.

I have a theory that I've become accustomed to sleeping when, and never unless, there's something important I should stay awake to do. That's quite a plausible theory, judging by how I sleep my way through all my assignment deadlines. So I've been trying to think of things I should be doing for hours. Finally I threw all my jeans in the washing machine. If I don't stay awake to hang them up or to put them in the dryer, I'll have no dry jeans tomorrow. It's idiotic, I know. But hey, if I show up at my exam with wet jeans tomorrow, we'll know that it worked.

And here's an illustrating picture of a complete stranger's possibly comfy bed, simply because said bed has fancy lights and an Asking Alexandria poster. 'night!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

You're never really done for, as long as you've got a good story and someone to tell it to.

You know those days when you wake up and everything feels right, and you're unexplainably in a wonderful mood? And then by the end of the day you wonder how the fuck you could have been so happy that morning? Yeah, today was one of those days.

I'm gonna go drown myself in blankets and pillows now. Cheerio!